Hey Internet! It’s one of those midnight bloggin’ sessions!

Today’s post is rather personal. I have a friend named Rebecca, and she was in my chemistry and Latin classes. One day, right after a chem lab, she started crying in pure pain and told us that her back hurt like it had never did before. Little did we know that a few days later, she was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer. I have seen her a few occasions after this, but sometimes, she seems very weak and saddened. This saddens me as well.

Some high schoolers focus on what type of club they can find, what type of leadership position they can hoard, and what type of this and that they can do in order to be competitive in the Ivies race. Some high schoolers drop classes to boost one number and fret everyday about numbers. Numbers. Life is more than numbers. Enjoy life every day, and live to your fullest potential. I think Rebecca and her courage has taught me, for sure, a lot about what life really means. She’s taught me to never give up, to always keep a smile on my face, to appreciate what I have in my life, to tear down barriers… she fuels my passion for living in such a depressing world (aka high school). Step by step, Rebecca will go far in life.

Rebecca, you’re probably never going to read this, but your freshdogs are rooting for you! We know you have the great spirit and tenacity to overcome this obstacle in the road we call life. You can do it! We’ll be sure to visit you over the summer. You’re an inspiration to us all!

Click here to learn more about her.



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