A Golden Experience

Well, I haven’t blogged in about a month, and I thus apologize! School has been really catching me by the tail, and I will try to make up for my absence in the next week or so.

Last Saturday, my high school invited all alumni who have graduated for at least 50 years to come back to Dallas for a reunion. The old folks were supposed to arrive at around 9:30, and lunch was served at 11, but many started trickling in a hour in advance! The main competition gym was adorned with an exhibit showcasing the school’s history, evolution, and ultimate growth. As there were enough people starting to come, I had the privilege of leading the tour around the school. Many of my guests were well-mannered and made jokes at a pace faster than they could walk–I couldn’t outwit a man 50 years my senior! In fact, the wittiest of them all was the salutatorian of her class! Showing around her and her friends, whom she bumped into, made this experience unforgettable.

Oh my, has ol’ High Park High changed! The students used to be served lunch, ate in the small cafeteria, and headed on to the auditorium (untouched since the 50s) for some postprandial conversations. There were much fewer students, with the average class size of around 430; the high school also only accommodated three grades– sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I’m sure that if these alumni were to visit their beloved high school during passing periods, they would run away in fear of being trampled upon. Those were the golden days…

I enjoyed the tour so much that I took too long–lines were already forming for the fried and roasted chicken and various sides available. During this time, I had no opportunity to rest and continued to serve everyone, even the oldest of the class of 1937. My main job was to refill all the water and tea placed on each table. All of the graduates looked radiant, with florid cheeks glowing in enthusiasm, hearts filled with joy, stomachs full of chicken. 

   After some time, the HP Alumni Foundation president gave a short speech (the perspiration was unbelievable), and Park Version, HP’s elite choir group of around 15 members, sang three songs, including one by the Beach Boys that tugged some tears and elicited the nostalgia that permeated the cafeteria.

If the foundation president is right, then our school district is the only one in Texas or even the nation that conducts such an event. I do hope that I will be able to make this reunion… in 2068!


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