Here’s to 2017!

Well-known by now, 2016 was dubbed the worst year in recent history. There’s plenty to support this claim, from the unprecedented “Brexit” referendum and U.S. election outcomes to the horrific terrorist attacks in Europe to an unending string of celebrity deaths. Many, including myself, are looking forward to the new year, but there is some room to despair: how will Trump’s nascent and capricious administration change the course of the U.S., if at all? What will happen to ISIS and Syria? How will U.S.-Russia and U.S.-China relations play out in the near future?

2017 is definitely a clean slate, yet it is also shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. The tribulations that racked our world in the past year will probably proceed into this fresh one, as problems don’t follow the arbitrary human definitions of time. What we must imbed into our mentalities looking forward is a sense of hopeful optimism and tenacity–it may seem like pandemonium now, but decades and centuries down the road, humankind will look back and find that we, as a global community, will grow together and discover that, underneath the masquerades of labels and pretenses, we share more similarities than diverge in our differences. Through these troubling waters, our mast will inevitably guide us to dry land. It is critical to the benefit of all the world’s citizens to take part in healing and loving in times of despondency and hopelessness. Stepping into this new liminal state on a dreary and cloudy day, I carry a slight smile on my face and an umbrella to battle the rain.


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