So, Internet, thus begins my online journey.

Hey! My name is Michael Xie, and I am currently a freshman at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas. It’s in an enclave richer than the whole city of San Antonio (in terms of total value of property tax) and as white as a marshmallow.

I’ve decided to write a blog because I just needed an outlet for my creativity (or lack thereof), thoughts, and feelings. I don’t mean to be too personal or in-your-face, and this blog should give you a few laughs in such a tough world to be in.

Shout-out to my old Whiz Quiz friend, if she even remembers me, from Plano… Katherine Hu’s blog “katchphrases” really inspired me to start this project and face high school, a Polyphemus-like creature, with a fresh perspective.

Let’s begin– this is my first footstep, hopefully, into an endeavor of a thousand miles.